Thursday, September 27, 2007


Here is a fountain pen made of one of the more exotic woods. It's irridescent when you turn the pen slightly. It's really beautiful! Everything David makes is beautiful!

These knitting needles are wonderful. David makes the shafts usually out of Birch and uses a more unusual wood for the finials. They feel so great and soft in the hands. I much prefer the handmade knitting needles than the alumunum ones. You can't make them in small sizes however. The small diameter shafts don't hold up well to the rigours of knitting.

This bud vase is only about 6 inches tall and made of Cocobolo. It's one of the more exotic woods and shines up nice and purty.

Dave has a pen still on the mandrel that he just finished. He takes such care to cut and glue the wood in order to make such a great checkerboard pattern. He has much more patience than I do.

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fredsworld said...

what a talent, well done that man.