Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Gauge IS open!!!

Gauge store in north Austin re-opened, yea!!! Good luck Karli, we love your store and are ecstatic to have a yarn store in our neck of the woods. I want to learn how to make socks and lace knitting (hint hint).

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ten Ways to Anger a Knitter

This was written by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee in her book (based on her blog) Yarn Harlot.

1. Constantly refer to her work as a "cute hobby."

2. When the knitter shows you a Shetland shawl she knit from handspun yarn that took 264 hours of her life to produce and will be an heirloom that her great-great grandchildren will be wrapped in on the days of their birth, say, "I saw one just like this at Wal-Mart!"

3. On every journey you take with your knitter, make a point of driving by yarn shops but make sure you don't have time to stop. (This works especially well if there is a sale on.)

4. Shrink something.

5. Tell her that you don't know why she knits socks, that it seems silly when they are only $10 for five pairs and they're just as good.

6. Tell the knitter that you are sorry, but you really can't feel a difference between cashmere and acrylic.

7. Tell her that you aren't the sort of person who could learn to knit, since you can't "just sit there for hours."

8. Quietly take one out of every set of four double-pointed needles that she has and put them down the side of the couch. (You can't convince me that you aren't doing this already.)

9. If you are a child, grown faster than your knitter can knit. Requesting intricate sweaters and then refusing to wear them is also highly effective.

10. Try to ban knitting during TV time, because the clicking of the needles annoys you.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Shawl Pin

David is always creating with his lathe. For those of you not in the woodworking know, a lathe spins a piece of wood or similar material very fast so the artist may carve/chisel a design. His latest is a shawl pin for a knitted or crocheted shawl. It helps keep the item in place while looking goooood! It's like jewelry for knit-ware:)

Lovely Lucy

What happens when you have a doll head from Terra Toys and an imaginative pre-teen? You get a collaborative effort between mommy and princess! Lucy was born this year out of the imagination of a middle-schooler. Princess helped stuff the body and she created the clothes. She also made the puppy in this pic out of polymer clay. There is no limit for this young artist in training.

Tae Kwan Do meet my husband Dave*

In martial arts, what do you do with all those broken boards? If you are married to my husband, you get a pen! Dave had an interesting idea to make a pen out of the board I broke with a palm strike. Pine with a funky design:)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Our wonderful wee one has caught the indie crafting bug and made these stitch markers. She even learned how to upload them to our craftiness.etsy site. She just may catch the entrepeneurial spirit as well!