Friday, March 7, 2008

Dave (and DD) have been busy in the studio;)

David has been teaching our DD wood turning. Here she is working on her second pen. Now they compete for lathe time;)

David made a stunning rattlesnake fountain pen. The beauty is not revealed until the end of the process when he adds the finishing oil. It's always a surprise!

This is a combination corkscrew and wine stopper. The corkscrew nests inside the stopper. He has made several of these out of exotic wood and are currently for sale at Parts & Labour in Austin.

These are Nosteppines. They are a swedish yarn tool used for making center-pull yarn balls. Fun to use and very traditional, for all you anthropological types.

Busy, Busy, Busy and very Busy!

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Jadielady said...

Just wanted to say once again, the corkscrew/winestoppers are so lovely! I bought one for a Christmas present for a friend of mine and he loves it :)