Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Yarn Thing Podcast: Episode 33: Harloony Anniversary to Me!

Yarn Thing Podcast: Episode 33: Harloony Anniversary to Me!

My very first sock!

I finished my first sock, yea! I had a lot of fun, it was just the right amount of challenge I needed. Now about the second one..........

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Knit Aid is Out!

VH's new book is out, Knit Aid. It's only $7.95-ish and is a hard cover, spiral bound tutorial with a built in gauge and needle marker. I'm thinking great birthday gifts for the knitters in my life. Apparently it's great for beginners and more advanced knitters. Note to self, buy one for my knitting bag:)

Speaking of VH, she had a contest for Earth Day with a random drawing of participants. I won!! I love winning things. I won an annual subscription to Kiwi magazine!

Here's the beginning of my very first sock. It's going to be a long, beautiful relationship:P I've been a beginner-intermediate knitter for a year and so i thought hey, good time for a class. I took a sock knitting class at Gauge Knits here in Austin taught by the very wonderful Valerie Felps. Her class 'Socks Rock' was fantastic* It's a great learning experience and has upped my skill level closer to intermediate. I can see what I have been hearing about while watching episodes of Knitty Gritty. The short rows, decreases slanting right and left, picking up stitches, ssk etc. are included while making socks. I defintitely would recommend a sock knitting class to anyone. Also, there is a great tutorial online at Terri Lee Royea's site. This is great for refreshing your sock knitting skills or using it to learn for the very first time. Thanks Terry!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Day At The Sunset Valley Art Fest!

Dave, aka Craftina/Craftiness, was a vendor at the Sunset Valley Art Fest! This was the best art venue Craftina has been too, it was a lot of fun. This was the 2nd annual one and was behind the weekly Sunset Valley Farmers Market.
DD and I visited Craftinas booth after her orchestra competition. She rode on a couple of bikes from Austin Bike Zoo, ate shaved ice and made a bird feeder. I shopped*

Melanie Schopper Ceramics and Alison McMillin of Offset Ceramics were next to Craftinas booth. The colorful array of art transfixed me, I couldn't stop looking at all the rich colors. I bought 3 pieces to use as knitting accessory holders for my fiber arts lounge at home.

The Austin Bike Zoo was at the fest giving rides to kids and raising awareness of their mission, 'We are dedicated to inspiring the world with human powered extravaganzas!!' DD was lucky enough to meet the amazingly talented people. They make their own bike art! This butterfly-moth was very inspiring.

Cristen and Austin Green Art had a display of recylced plastic bags. They crocheted bags, bagpacks and soda can cozies out of non-recyclable plastic bags. They also helped set up MakerFaire last year.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Congratulations Jadie Lady! Thanks to all who participated. It was great to learn what others are doing to 'go green'. We will have more give-a-ways in the future, stay tuned.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


David will make a pen out of almost anything. He makes pens out of wood, acrylic, recycled denim, recycled bullet shell casings, corn cobs and now, sunflower seed hulls! This pen is a Barron Style Rollerball with water-based black ink. David will give this pen away in a random drawing. To enter, just leave a comment on this post on what you do to make this world greener or what Earth Day event you plan on attending. It can be something small like recycling paper or something huge like installing solar panels or purchasing a hybrid car. The winner will be picked at random on April 22nd. Good Luck!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lucy Loo's Downtown Adventures

Lucy Loo accompanies me at Jo's Coffee shop on 2nd street while waiting for Cult of Color to start at the Butler Dance Education Center.

Angelina Eberly fires her canon warning Texans. About AngelinaEberly. Many consider Angelina Eberly the savior of Austin. In 1842, six years after Texas won its independence from Mexico, the capital of the young nation was an isolated village on the western frontier. Sam Houston, president of the Republic of Texas, thought Austin was an inappropriate location for the capital seat of government, and campaigned to have it moved to a city he found more to his taste - Houston. When the congress resisted his attempts to move the capital, Houston sent a delegation of Texas Rangers to steal the government archives. They would have succeeded if it had not been for a fiery local innkeeper named Angelina Eberly, who heard the Rangers loading their wagons in the middle of the night. She hurried down to the corner of what is now Sixth Street and Congress and fired off the town cannon, missing the Rangers but blowing a hole in the General Land Office building, three blocks north. The cannon fire roused the populace, who chased down the Rangers and recovered the archives near Brushy Creek. Had it not been for Angelina's impulsive gesture, Houston would now be the capital of Texas

Lucy Loo was born of polymer clay, created by my very creative DD. She finds herself in many adventures even though she is very shy and timid. She loves all of her adventures and wishes to share them with you. Here she is investigating a mini art gallery at Mexic-Arte art gallery on Congress Avenue in Austin. Lucy Loo is very small and this scale is right up her alley.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Day Downtown at Art Venues

This is a statue of Sesom, the main character in the Cult of Color art collaboration.

DD and Darling Nephew visit the Arthouse at the Jones Center. The exhibition is Cult of Color, a collaboration with the Austin Ballet.

This is Lucy Loo, she likes to travel around Austin. Here she is enjoying a miniature composition at the Mexic-Arte Museum in downtown Austin. She seems a little frightened.

Cult Of Color

I went to Ballet Austins performance of Cult of Color with a friend from work. It was a contemporary piece that was a collaboration between Ballet Austin's Stephen Mills, visual artist Trenton Doyle Hancock, composer Graham Reynolds. It was good vs. evil and everything in between.