Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Day At The Sunset Valley Art Fest!

Dave, aka Craftina/Craftiness, was a vendor at the Sunset Valley Art Fest! This was the best art venue Craftina has been too, it was a lot of fun. This was the 2nd annual one and was behind the weekly Sunset Valley Farmers Market.
DD and I visited Craftinas booth after her orchestra competition. She rode on a couple of bikes from Austin Bike Zoo, ate shaved ice and made a bird feeder. I shopped*

Melanie Schopper Ceramics and Alison McMillin of Offset Ceramics were next to Craftinas booth. The colorful array of art transfixed me, I couldn't stop looking at all the rich colors. I bought 3 pieces to use as knitting accessory holders for my fiber arts lounge at home.

The Austin Bike Zoo was at the fest giving rides to kids and raising awareness of their mission, 'We are dedicated to inspiring the world with human powered extravaganzas!!' DD was lucky enough to meet the amazingly talented people. They make their own bike art! This butterfly-moth was very inspiring.

Cristen and Austin Green Art had a display of recylced plastic bags. They crocheted bags, bagpacks and soda can cozies out of non-recyclable plastic bags. They also helped set up MakerFaire last year.


Amy said...

looks like a great day!

Joe Weber said...

thankyou for your comment.

and that art festival looked awesome I really like the bike zoo stuff

N said...

(In response to your question in my crossword blog)

I do.