Tuesday, April 15, 2008


David will make a pen out of almost anything. He makes pens out of wood, acrylic, recycled denim, recycled bullet shell casings, corn cobs and now, sunflower seed hulls! This pen is a Barron Style Rollerball with water-based black ink. David will give this pen away in a random drawing. To enter, just leave a comment on this post on what you do to make this world greener or what Earth Day event you plan on attending. It can be something small like recycling paper or something huge like installing solar panels or purchasing a hybrid car. The winner will be picked at random on April 22nd. Good Luck!!


Jadielady said...

We use those energy saving lightbulbs. I used to unplug all the appliances when they're not running, but it drove my boyfriend nuts :(

Allison said...

Wow - seriously impressed with the sunflower seed pen! We have easy single-sort recycling so we recycle paper, cans, bottles, plastics, cardboard boxes, etc. Really feels good! I am trying to be more conscious of plastic packaging - looking for ways to reuse it around the house (ex: strawberry container now holding odds and ends in drawer). Hate the harsh white-blue look of compact flourescents - any suggestions?

(Thanks for visiting my blog!)

Andria and Co. said...

That is the neatest pen!

I am slowly trying to go green. I now use the trifecta of cleaning materials: bleach, vinegar, and baking soda. I don't use paper napkins anymore (we use fabric), changed all light bulbs, oh- and am switching to cloth diapers. Maybe I will just give up on our yard this year, and forgo any watering. Yeah. That will work.

Virginia Lady said...

Cool pens! We do many little things and have for many years. We use compact fluorescents in almost every light fixture we have, in fact we just switched out a fixture so we could use CFs there as well.

We also recycle, cans, plastic, bags, paper, cardboard, etc. We've been doing the cardboard thing for years even though we had to take in ourselves, now they pick it up.

We got our local little league to set up recycling cans in the ballpark to recycle the cans and plastic bottles.

We use dehumidifiers and reuse that water for our radiators and for plant watering.

We've got our electronics on surge suppressors that we can switch off when we're not using them so they don't have that trickle drain of energy.

We just bought a new washer and dryer this winter, and with the washer alone we are saving 98 KW/yr based on the energyguide tags, and our old washer was one of the more efficient models then.

belle said...

I dry my clothes on the line and use only cold water for my wash, of course i don't have hot water in the barn and the two dryers we have are not hooked up(going on 3 years now).When I had my son almost 2 years ago I thought, "I HAVE TO GET ONE OF THESE DRYERS GOING" but now it is just part of our routine. I also make and sell reusable shopping totes on etsy and at the Sunset Valley farmers market.And I make hanmade cards out of partially recycled materials( they are collages with paper and fabric).

Anonymous said...

I changed out all of our light bulbs, scaled back my toxic cleaning supplies to mainly baking soda and vinegar, started riding my bike and walking more, started unplugging appliances, trying to recycle, turning out lights when not in use, and buying only organic/eco friendly products.

Those pens are awesome. My dad, who is a woodcarver, would LOVE THEM!!

DoctorCabokia said...

The pens are really cool.

I love to collect things - used gift wrapping paper, all sorts of tickets, phone cards, credit cards, discount cards, all sorts of cards, little boxes/containers, beer bottles (I don't drink). I love to keep things rather than throwing them away. I will always think - Hey! It might be useful someday. Sometimes, that day never comes because those things are so neatly kept away that I just can't find them! :p

Barbra said...

First-the pens are fabulous!!! I hearted your shop.
I have recycled forever...yes,I'm that old! Rarely throw paper out that can be reused. Reuse all packaging materials and boxes as well. Don't buy anything canned so don't have to recycle that! Have used my own shopping bag for so long,I'm actually on my 4thone. I either destroy them or lose them.

Amy said...

We really want a hybrid for our next car, but it isnt just time to buy one yet. I hate to admit it but we are not very green around here...getting better though. We do recycle a little and we do have the new light bulbs and lately we have been using rainwater to mop our basement floor...oh wait that one wasn't by choice it has been leaking!

Jadielady said...

Wow, I'm kinda sad I was the first to comment, I'm learning some great ideas!! My parents use a dehumidifier in their basement all summer, I bet they've never thought to dump the water on the plants!
I will definitely pass that along :)