Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tomato Horn Worm, "Argggghh!" I found this on one of Biancas tomato plants. He was perfectly camouflaged, I didn't see him for several minutes of inspecting the plants. I offered DS $1 for every Horn Worm he brings me. He is quite the negotiater, he tried for $2, $1.5, $1.25 and he settled for $1, the original offer. He was spunky though.

Can you spot the worm, almost impossible! I need more birds. I spied a toad under the tomato plant and cuke plants, I wonder if he's eating these. I hope so.

DS breaks earth for peppers and spinach. Apparently these you can plant in July in Texas.

Bianca shows off her new purse from a sewing class. It's fully lined with top stitching. I was pleasantly surprised somebody could teach her to do this. When I teach her how to sew, she has her own ideas, works feverishly while igoring any advice/instruction, and melts down into a teary-eyed mess because it wasn't 'perfect'. With this class, I dropped her off, they taught her how to sew with 4 other peers her own age, I pick her up 4 hours later and this is what I get. A smile and a finished project. I looked for kleenex, didn't see any. "WHATEVER!"

DS accompanied me to The Natural Gardner while we waited for Bianca to finish a sewing class at Craft-O-Rama.
We learned about which fruit trees do well in Texas and when to plant them. I decided on Asian Pear and one of the apple varieties that are self-polinating. May need to plant two, just to be sure. Apricots and Peaches do not do well here, apparently not enough cold hours. We usually have less than 450 cold hours. We tasted some of the less popular fruit, I don't remember the names, they weren't that good. I am inspired by our recent trip to Utah where I noticed most people grow some of their food. It's an element of 'providence living'.

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