Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Murals Are Up!!

Sorry about the picture orientation, I have never learned how to change the orientation. Anybody?

The murals are up! The girls created 3 murals for the old incendiary building at a local elementary school. The windows were covered up with plywood and the girls made art to replace the old panels. They interviewed the art teacher to find out what the school needed. This was their Bronze Award project (the highest award a Junior Girl Scout can earn). The Art teacher wanted to see a bird identification chart of local birds. The girls went to work last spring and delivered the panels to the school. The art teacher put in a work order and now they are up! Yay**

Girl Scouts With Fantabulous Craftiness!!

DDs girl scout troop participated in the Wall Of Welcome project which was a collaboration between the neighborhood, an artist named Jean Graham and the PTA. Local businesses also contributed. The old wall in front of the Mini-Max was suppose to hide the ugly side of the back of the stores but over the years became ugly in itself. A bright artist that lives in this neighborhood had a great idea and wrote a grant proposal that was approved. Along with that grant and proceeds from the Violet Crown Festival, The wall of welcome was built. The history of the two neighborhoods, Crestview and Brentwood, are depicted on the wall. The artist also included members of the community such as troops, businesses and residents. She had groups of people come to her house in sessions to design, cut, glaze and fire tiles. The result is hundreds of tiles surrounding the main design. DD's girl scout troop was blessed with being able to contribute a tile. The process was amazing. The community came together, grew closer and made their little world a much better place. An appreciation of art developed in everybody.

Metal crafting with the kids!

Here is a close-up of DDs pendant for a necklace she made. She used aluminum flashing and cut out a flower with the tin snips. Next she cut out a center from an old tin canister that was so old it was rusted shut. Then I showed her how to connect the two with a pop-rivet gun. That great tool comes in handy often.
DD is using tin snips here with flashing.

Here is a close-up of DS bracelet made of aluminum flashing, skull beads, sequins and glass tubes. It turned out great and the one he made later turned out even better. He used a ball & peen hammer to create texture on the second one. I just don't have a pic of it. He really took to metal crafting. Some of the ideas came from Jennifer Perkins new book The Naughty Secretary Club; The working girl's guide to handmade jewelry.
This is a wonderful book full of crafty goodness** I will write a review as soon as I finish reading it, right after making the skirt that's in the queque;)

This is a tea light sconce/holder made of an old tin from my favorite antique/junk dealer in north Austin. She has both antiques and junk and both are very cheap. It's a great place to find stuff for repurposing and crafting. I used tin snips, awl and ball & peen hammer. Notice I punched out the headlights to let them glow in the candle light.