Saturday, September 13, 2008

Metal crafting with the kids!

Here is a close-up of DDs pendant for a necklace she made. She used aluminum flashing and cut out a flower with the tin snips. Next she cut out a center from an old tin canister that was so old it was rusted shut. Then I showed her how to connect the two with a pop-rivet gun. That great tool comes in handy often.
DD is using tin snips here with flashing.

Here is a close-up of DS bracelet made of aluminum flashing, skull beads, sequins and glass tubes. It turned out great and the one he made later turned out even better. He used a ball & peen hammer to create texture on the second one. I just don't have a pic of it. He really took to metal crafting. Some of the ideas came from Jennifer Perkins new book The Naughty Secretary Club; The working girl's guide to handmade jewelry.
This is a wonderful book full of crafty goodness** I will write a review as soon as I finish reading it, right after making the skirt that's in the queque;)

This is a tea light sconce/holder made of an old tin from my favorite antique/junk dealer in north Austin. She has both antiques and junk and both are very cheap. It's a great place to find stuff for repurposing and crafting. I used tin snips, awl and ball & peen hammer. Notice I punched out the headlights to let them glow in the candle light.

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