Sunday, December 7, 2008

Acknowledge Me!

I Love Mike Litt part 2! We had a great time downtown at Mohawk with live music and getting to know fellow 'Makers' in Austin. We had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer Bryan of Lucy Blue Studio.

The pretty ladies of Studio 3 were silk screening t-shirts or whatever you were wearing. One motivated client took off her skirt so she could get a tri-cycle stamped on her wardrobe, she was wearing tights underneath but it made for a great story.

Danielle was very interested in Dave's kaleidoscope and they bartered for a few minutes, long enough to distract her and film her in her golf-costume. She was a very lively creature and I am a better person for having a chance to get to know her and her fantabulous fanny pack which she 'borrowed' from her mother!

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Jen said...

Thanks for the mention. AckMe was such a fun event. I can't wait til next year!