Sunday, December 14, 2008

'HandMade Nation' Christmas '08

Average Jane Crafter showed me an invaluable stitch at Maker Faire this year. I call it the invisible stitch but I actually do not know what it's called. Being a 'Jack of all craft but master of none' I find this extremely useful even if I don't know the name or if I am even doing it correctly;) Instead of using a wip sitch to close a seam such as you would have when you sew right sides together and turn inside out, you can use this technique and the stitches are almost invisible.

Almost invisible! I used this technique while making coasters out of scrap material that I have from other projects.

Iused mostly material that I have purchased at The Quilt Store and Austin Craft-O-Rama, smaller scraps that I have saved from other crafts. I embroidered hummingbirds from Jenny Harts book Craft Pad on recylced linen I found at the Blue Hanger, a treasure trove of fabric for any crafter in Austin.

Many birdies and many bright, cheery fabrics, good stuff!

Jenny Hart makes it easy for novices to feel like they are creating something beautiful. She is really talented in her designs and I have been collecting her patterns for a while now.

I made several sets of coasters with a mix of various fabrics in the hope that adding color to the lives of my loved ones will be well received:) I like making coasters as gifts because everyone needs them but we don't neccessarily buy them for ourselves. After you unwrap them, you don't even need to 'put them away', you just toss them on the table!

Ahhhh!! Crafting Sublime*


Average Jane Crafter said...

Cooool! So awesome to see your ladder/invisible stitch in action! It looks amazing! :)

And - of course - I *love* the Sublime coasters! Hooray! :)

Craftiness said...

I learned from the best!! Thanks for a great presentation at Maker Faire**

Rebecca said...

We love our coasters here! Tossed right onto our table, ready to use and to be admired!

Craftiness said...

Rebecca, it was fun to make, I want to do it again:) I'm glad you enjoyed them and the surprise when you realized they were for you;)