Saturday, December 13, 2008

Some eye candy for you!

Venus Art is a local artist here in Austin. I either run into her at craft venues or her art at Craft-O-Rama. Her wares are as unique as she is and I love to pet her one-of-a-kind yarns, she even spins sequins into her yarn! Venus Art goodies are created by Amanda Jones in Austin Texas. Focusing on mixed media, her constructions range from unique jewelry to glittered-to- death assemblages. Add in some crazy handspun yarn, crochet, collage, and (lot's)of sparkle and a Constructed Absurditiy is born! Need a baby gift? Check out her fabulous sister's shop at for sweet vintage inspired treasures!*
This little gem is a beautifully crafted clutch for knitting needles. You could use it for anything really. The vibrant colors and patterns are eye-catching.

Amanda is also a graphic illustrator and her art is expressed in cards she makes for her Etsy shop. Thank you Venus Art for such lovely eye candy!


Amy said...

that yarn is yummy looking! I would never use it if I had some becuase I would never be able to decide what I wanted it to be!

Craftiness said...

Amy I agree! That yarn looks so precious, I think I would put it on display instead of knitting something with it**