Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Team Etsy Austin!!

Craftiness is a very proud member of Team Etsy Austin. This new collaboration amongst Austin crafters on Etsy is inspiring to us. With the internet bringing crafters closer together that would not be possible 10 years ago is very inspiring, anything is possible. Here are a few goodies from this fantabulous group of crafters.

Beautifully detailed bird hangs from a simple chain with deep blue glass beads.This necklace measures 20 inches long. The bird measures 3 inches across. Find more Miss Snappy on Etsy**

A shadow between husband and wife threatens marriage! He married money and settled his debts to Vicky's horror. Could this suave gentleman only care about one thing and it be not her vixen looks? Drama!This journal is made from the original vintage book cover, back and includes 8 pages from the original book, steamy passages and all.This is a one-of-a-kind journal bound in black wire filled with 70 blank sheets as 8 pages from the original book. The wire binding allows the book to lay flat or wrap around for an easier writing experience.This unique journal is a great present for adult or child who loves to write or sketch.The Run-Down:-one of a kind vintage book used-70 blank sheets and 8 original book pages-4.5in x 6.75in or 11.4cm x 17.1cm-sturdy black wiring. Find more Pigsey Art on Etsy!!

Elsa the elephant is very playful. She loves telling goofy jokes, & is always up for any game or sport. She’s kind of clumsy though, so don’t get under her feet! Elsa is very outgoing, but is also happy walking along by herself, picking flowers & enjoying the warm sunshine. You may find Elsa at SnudggleHerd on Etsy**

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