Friday, January 2, 2009

Our Etsy World Is Small But Awesome**

Raisinlike is Sharona, an Etsy creator in Herzelia, Israel. Her profile states 'My name is Sharona and I have been playing with puppets ever since I can remember. For years I did my best to hide my passion, till someone told me "they do have schools for this, you know. You can make it into a profession!" Well, by then I was way too deep into my high-tech career to leave it for a risky artist life, but I found a way to incorporate my love for puppets, art, and handmade goodies, into my business life as well. I think my artistic nature makes me an excellent technical employee, and my vast customer support experience allows me to provide top notch customer service for my customers.' You can follow her twitter updates here.

Dave and Sharona collaborated on an International Etsy project in which Dave's pen craftiness met with Sharona's art craftiness, and created two peace art pieces which we blogged about this year.

I thought this would be a good time to remember that even though we are from different countries, Etsy brings us closer together. Unless your TV is on the blink, you probably know that the crises happening in Israel are devastating. On the coat tails of the holidays, I would like you to remember our crafty colleagues who are enduring adversity and instability.

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Sharona R. said...

I cannot grasp how I managed to miss this till now *blushing with shame*

Thank you so much for this post!!