Sunday, January 11, 2009

St. Distaff's Day Knit Party*

Ravelry's KnitRN hosted a fun knit party at her house, thanks Emily!! It was a cultural affair. St. Distaffs day is a French cultural observance. Apparently marking the end of the holiday season when spinners were allowed to go back to work. We had a white elephant gift exchange, potluck with delicious faire ( I was very hungry as I missed breakfast and hoped nobody noticed the heft of my plate), knitting social and Kings Cake which I never heard of.
In attendance were Ravelers Redrockerknits, ceci9293, Sally unraveled, RobinCat, MaryMary.

My dd started on an IPod cozy with novelty yarn and I worked on David's Brick Pullover. 13 gifts were opened and a few stolen including the gift I brought which was one of David's Nosteppines with instructions. He will be tickled when I tell him. A little antedote. This group of ladies know each other from an open knitting group at Gauge Knits that meet on Sundays. David happily sells his wares on consignment at Gauge knits. When I arrived, not knowing anyone except the host, whom I work with, Emily introduced me by name. The usual cursory nods and smiles from a group of very pleasant women ensued. Then Emily said, 'Tina's husband is the one that makes the needle cases at Gauge!'. I felt like a celebrity, or the spouse of one, when a collective 'ahhh ohhh' radiated from the room. David's fans actually span around the world but to see the recognition for his talent in person is indescribable. Thank you ladies**

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