Saturday, February 21, 2009


About Ike
Meet Isaac

Isaac, AKA Ike, AKA Ikeasaurus
This is Isaac, fondly called Ike, even more fondly called Ike-a-saurus. He is an adorable, sweet, happy bundle of wonderful.

Ike’s mama is the author of Haiku Mama and the amazing blogger behind Haikuoftheday, where you can read a lot of their story in her own words.

Ike’s road has not been easy. Mama was on bedrest and in the hospital on and off, and then totally on, for months, until Ike was born 13 weeks early.

He was a tiny miracle, beating all of the odds to be healthier than anyone imagined possible. But it was still a long, hard, scary road in the NICU.

And expensive. Oh, so expensive. But the family was so joyful that he made it to the other side of the hard road behind him, that the money troubles they faced just seemed inconsequential.

Finally, Ike got to come home! Hurray! Of course, he could not leave the house, visitors had to be limited, and his health was fragile. Every day felt like an accomplishment. There were many many doctors visits and trips to the ER, adding to the insurmountable medical bills.

The whole family!
And THEN, as if this wonderful family had not been through enough, his Dad’s company decided to lay papa off (along with the rest of his department). Very limited severance. Insurance cut off at midnight the same day.

Now, sweet baby Ike is back in the hospital. After weeks of doctor and ER visits because of a horrible sound he made while breathing, Ike became very very ill. The family has to focus all of their efforts towards getting him better.

Please Help
Many many mamas from the Austinmama community are rallying together to organize fundraising to defray the family’s mounting medical bills. We will be holding several events over the coming weeks and looking for help from local busineses and the community at large. We also ask for your donations of just plain old cash. Please visit our “How to Help” page for more info as it becomes available.

Readers want to know . . .
How did Isaac come to be called Ike-a-saurus?

That was his brother’s doing.

When I told the wee one his brother’s name, we were talking on the phone and I was drugged to the gills with a variety of pain meds and flat exhausted. The wee one was having a hard time understanding me. Our conversation went something like:

HIM: What’s his name?
ME: Isaac Sawyer
HIM: What?!
ME: Isaac Sawyer!
HIM: Ike-a-saurus?
ME: (cringing in pain from laughing) Yes! You got it! Ike-a-saurus

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