Tuesday, March 10, 2009

UpCycled T-Shirt Messenger Bag by Broken Ear Production

Broken Ear Production is a member of the Austin Etsy Street Team. Here is a super crafty You Tube video of creating a cool, eco-crafty messenger bag.

Broken Ear Productions is another crafty couple collaboration of Kim & Jimmy. Here is the bio on their Etsy site:

Broken Ear Productions is Kim (me), Creative, Jimmy (husband) - Shipping, Alfred (chihuahua) - mascot, Dixie (our sweet pit bull) - receptionist (and security)...the cats (Chachi and Lucky) are just lazy (ok that's kind of their job though).

I named the company after the chihuahua (he has a broken ear - just one...the other one's perky!) and because I was a music major in college. When I think about why I didn't pursue music as career I think it's mostly because I had the voice...but not so much the ear for music, hence "broken ear". Although I was kind of disspointed with myself for not noticing, that because hyphens are not allowed in usernames here, that it could also be read "broke near", which is what I am hoping DOESN'T happen.

I've just recently (like day before yesterday) quit my dayjob as a Program Manger for an IT Consulting firm. Yes I quit in this economy, I know, I know...but I just couldn't stop wishing to create, create, create.

Thank goodness for etsy and for my wonderful and supportive husband. I craft in a spare bedroom which we've converted into my workshop...and sometimes it spreads to the dining table, and the kitchen table...did I mention that my husband is supportive?

Anyway, my problem now is which project to tackle next! I'm so excited!

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