Sunday, April 26, 2009

More Gardening, It IS Spring ya'll

The Lavender is appearing hearty in my Xeriscape. I will try to plant many more in this area next year.

The Bulbine was recommended by my neighbor, several neighbors on our street have bulbines. Initially it dropped it's bloom and became dormant. Now we are seeing it come to life.

Our sole Sunflower I found at The Zilker Garden Festival. I have tried to plant these from seeds without success. I was happy to have a start to plant at the end of my driveway to welcome me home.

The Hibiscus is Dave's favorite. We lose a few and replace the lost ones every year. It is a prolific bloomer, easy on the eyes.

Tomatoes. I have some very small varieties, they are smaller than a cherry tomatoe and are perfectly round. They pack a punch of tomato flavor, nothing I have ever found at a store.

Our "other foster son".

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Lisa Loo said...

Hi! I'm new here. I bought 2 pens from your husband and am giving one away on my blog and when he emailed me back after I emailed him to let him know I was having the giveawy he told me I should check out your blog and I did and now I am drooling all over my key board at your lovely flowers and cute foster son AND tomatoes--YUM!!

Sorry--just a silly mood--hope you don't judge me! I became a stalker--I mean follower so I'll be back!