Friday, August 21, 2009


Shopping at a warehouse store when you have a small family takes some problem solving. I love the fresh fruit and the prices at our local Costco. The only problem is finshing all the fresh fruit before they go bad. I thought I had the perfect solution. I would swap fruit with my friend who also goes to this store and has a small family. Even then, I still felt rushed to finish the fruit so instead of enjoying the fruit, it was more like a chore. An idea struck, why not pour the fast-ripening fruit into a pie crust and call it dessert! I had 6 peaches and about 2 cups of very, very ripe blueberries and raspberries. I searched All Recipes for a pie recipe with these ingredients and came up with this recipe. I re-named it for my purposes:)
This recipe came out runny so I would suggest adding maybe two more tbs of flour. It was a perfect combo of sweet and tart, especailly with vanilla ice cream. Will definitely save this one!!

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