Thursday, August 13, 2009

Craftiness Update

This fountain pen is made of cactus set in resin. This pen blank is very rare and only one person makes this type of blank. The cactus shows well against the black background.
David started making bookmarks with scraps of material that are left after projects. I use one now and love it:)
The real reason why I need a fence around my vege garden. Cute but impish for sure.
And her accomplice!
The owner of the two afforementioned vege garden enemies, helping me install drip irrigation.
One of two blackberry vines, Kiowa and Brazos. This one is showing new growth at the tip, notice the lighter green color than the older leaves. These vines would have enjoyed more growth if I would only remember to fertilize them more often, need to keep better records.
A promise of an onion in 106 days.
Germination!! This is huge:) I have in the past failed at germinating seeds because I didn't do the homework on how to germinate properly. I would just dig a hole with a hand spade, drop a seed I purchased from the wrong source at the wrong time, water once in a while and wonder why nothing happened. Need to read up on gardening if you want to be successful. Still have a long way to go but already feeling successful (cross my fingers). This one is Fortex Snap Pole Bean from Johnny's Seeds.

This is Black Jet Soybeans.

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