Thursday, August 6, 2009


The Ein Shemer apple tree took on a mystery pest. I couldn't guess what would want the non tender leaves of an apple tree. Later that day I spotted a grasshopper on the other tree. I think I found my mystery pest. He seemed to move on, too quick to catch by hand.
The Golden Dorsett is doing great. I got him at a big box store and am not dissapointed.
The butterfly garden is very sturdy. It has survived being trampled on by the tree guys that cut down our Arizona Ash tree. I thought it was destroyed but it never really died down, just bruised. It came back quick. The Esperanza is native to Texas and the Plumbago is at least an adaptive species that is found in warm climates. Both are very hardy and attract bees and butterflies which are great pollinators.
Here are five raised beds with drip irrigation installed. There are more beds around the corner. I filled them with good quality Hill Country garden mix from the Natural Gardener.
Here was an empty spot I put an impromtu bed in. I have extra soil and a bunch of bricks that weren't doing anything. It's a shallow bed, I think I will plant chives here.
Here is the original vege garden, this will mostly be herbs but also I have room for left over seeds. The herbs from last year have survived nicely.
The lemon grass really loves this spot. I will plant potatoes in this large pot. According to Garden Plot 41, they grow well in pots.
The Xeriscape in the front yard has matured nicely. It has only been in for about 5 months now. It takes very little water and has hidden an eyesore which was once a dying, struggling patch of grass that couldn't take the heat.

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