Sunday, October 11, 2009

Craftiness Update

It was time for us to clean out our closets and regain control of our storage situation. It's amazing how much stuff we accumulate over time and just shove in a closet somewhere when we have no further use for it. It was liberating to free old stuff from it's dark, dusty imprisonment and find a new home for it. It's a practice in recycling locally too. The unsold stuff went to Goodwill who employs the traditionally 'Hard to employ' members of our community. Everybody wins from the little girl who benefitted from Biancas fashionista style, the man who looked like he really needed a free pair of boots, the guy who unloaded our car at Goodwill, my pocketbook. We also had a mystery helper just in case there were any uninvited mice to the yard sale.

There is lettuce upon us! This stuff grows great here in the fall. This is loose leaf lettuce mix from my garden. It grows in beds and in pots. I am going to plant some more in places that didn't germinate. It grows fast, 28 days.

Here are two beautiful earring trees made of Cocobolo and the rash that accompanies it when Dave works with this wood in the summer time. His sweat reacts to the rosin in this sawdust and causes contact dermatitis. I call it Coco-bo-loco dermatitis.

Darling daughter went to a Ukranian Egg Decorating event with the Girl Scouts and came home with these lovelies* The Ukranian way with Pysankais thru wax resist and strong dyes. They layer their resist and dyes until they come up with stunning creations.

My darling nephew and I went to East Austin during Austin Museum Day and came across some stunning art work. The first is a mural across from a local cafe the next set is a mosaic mural at an intersection. I am continuously amazed at the passion and talent in this small, eclectic town. Hard to believe it's the capitol of Texas. I would have imagined the capitol of The Lone Star State to be more like Dallas/Ft. Worth with daily cattle drives downtown.

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Julie said...

"dark, dusty, imprisonment" I totally knew you had a dungeon! Nice bookshelves BTW.