Saturday, November 21, 2009

Capitol Area Food Bank

Darling Daughter and I had the opportunity to volunteer through Little Helping Hands at the Capitol Area Food Bank. Instilling altruisim in children starts with volunteering. 5 lb of carrots per bag x 5 bags of carrots per box x 6 boxes of carrots per layer on crate x 5 layers of carrots per bundle x 4 bundles equals 3000 lbs of carrots bagged and sorted by 30 'little helping hands' in two hours.

Only Child = Self Entertainment

Darling Daughter has a talent for entertaining herself. She is very low maintenance. I realize this is probably not a politically correct term for describing a child but it is what it is. I am always in awe of how her 'only-child syndrome' has helped her develop the qualities of imagination and curiosity. Oh yeah, she's a pretty good chess player too! She came very close to winning a chess game against her daddy.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Craftiness Craft Fair Schedule

David will be at Shorline Christian Church Saturday, November 7th, for their holiday craft fair. Come shop early, avoid the crowds, boycott the mall in exchange for some handmade goodness!

Christmas at the Caswell has also started, now thru November 15th.