Monday, January 4, 2010

Crafting Spaces and Organization

There is darling daughter in her music crafting space. She received a rather uber cool key board for Christmas that she can grow into. It has more bells and whistles that she will be able to use for a while. Fortunately it came with an easy to follow manual that she is willing to read and a CD. This led us to a trip to Alpha Music. Alpha Music is super cool for three reasons. It is a Local Austin business (yea!), it has a ginormous selection of music in the store and even more they can print out for you on demand, and they will help you find anything you are looking for too. They are also only 2 miles from my house, big plusaroo! I overheard the proprietor sadly relate that it's hard to get musicians into his shop because they do so much ordering online, sad for local mom and pops.
I often get asked, how do you get so much done? I actually don't get that much done myself but what I do is DELEGATE. My husband had to teach me to do this so that I could have more time for my crafts, such as blogging. This is my chore list. I print it out every week and leave empty spaces so that I can add during the week. Everybody checks it and stuff gets done. It's magic! I highly recommend it;)
This is my Franklin Covey.It's well worn and loved much. I can plan a giant task down into mini steps, the tao way. 'A journey of a million miles begins with a single step'. It's the strategy I used to get through college as a 'non-traditional' student. It worked for me so I keep buying the refills every year. I tried to use my blackberry for the same tasks and I just couldn't get the hang of it. I think, even tho it weighs two pounds, it's superior to the blackberry for my needs.
This is my largest crafting space, yes there's more than one. We are a crafty family, David is the most prolific. I am taking a picture of this because this is the cleanest it will ever be! Every new year brings on a slurry of organizing on my part. It has to do with buying the refills for my planner. The yearly tasks of tracking down a store that carries refills inspires me to organize my life, it's crazy but so relaxing to have stuff organized.
This is my sewing/metal crafting area. It's actually suppose to be a bureau area between the bathroom and walk-in closet. Notice the lovely 1969 wall paper motif that is a time capsule for our house. It's been up there since the house was built. I have grown quite fond of it actually. That's my lucky Kenmore sewing machine that my parents bought me when I was in the 8th grade for Christmas.
The knitting area is always well loved and a bit messy, never too organized. It doubles as a reading area.
This is a beautifull 'fern-like' blank for a pen David is making. This is his crafting area now, the garage. It's cold outside so the doors are closed. He dreams of a pole barn type studio with fancy filtering and controlled climate, I don't blame him. Lottery dreams.
He has a menagerie of exotic wood blanks and wood working tools. I occasionally use them for house projects like building raised beds.

This is where he is the happiest.
For anyone that knows Dave, that really is a smile;)


Julie said...

That is a great post! Had no idea you were so..prolific in your crafting supplies. I think the bureau area may actually have been a vanity/makeup area? And the wallpaper has been around so long it's actually IN again. The prize is the "smiling" Dave pic. I was laughing.

Arctic-mermaid said...

Are these fountain pens that hubby makes??? I am a huge afficianado of them.
Gorgeous anyways

Craftiness said...

Yes, he makes fountain pens, rollerballs and ball point in all styles with a variety of materials. His shop is Craftiness.Etsy.Com!