Friday, February 26, 2010

Craftiness Insight

What I thought was a cute UTUBE video of a backpacking cat turned out to be a small part of a bigger vision by a young couple. The Premise? 1 Euro each, 15,000km, 13 countries, 3 years running.

Check out their journey to self discovery and revelation here.

They are on Facebook too!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Thrill List

David was featured in an online article!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Recycling takes on a new face. Dave made this pen from a recycled circuit board pen blank from a penmaker supply store. It's a geeky-techy kind of pen. I love it and he promised to make me one;) There are many benefits to being married to such a talented guy:)

Crafters are using their creative imaginations to find new uses for everyday items that don't degrade and take up valuable landfill space. Check out these crafty recyclers and maybe you will be inspired too!

Kate E. Austin's tutorial on making 'Plarn' from plastic grocery bags for crocheting!

Craft Gossip has a section for recycled crafts.

If you have old CD's with their cases that you were thinking of throwing in the trash, make a meaninful greeting card out of it, then have that person throw it away;) Adults and children will enjoy this idea.

Recycling plastic bags in Africa

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tzipi, The Travelling Flutterbutt is coming to Austin!

Sharona from Puppeteer On The Roof has graciously accepted our invitation to host Tzipi, the travelling flutterbutt. You can read about Tzipi here.

Sharona is the puppet maker from Israel whom we commissioned to make a puppet for darling daughter's birthday.

Dave and Sharona also collaborated on a pen project and a kaleidoscope project.

I am soooo excited to host this adventurous flutterbutt and can't wait to show her Austin. I will send her on her way with Texan souvenirs to remember us by.

How to paint shoes

This industrious teen knows how to design her own shoes.

You can also find a creative shoe artist at CLPSTUDIO.COM