Monday, June 21, 2010

Bachelorette Night

Darling daughter has been at the age where she can safely cook. We are starting 'Bachelorette Night' where she cooks a home-cooked meal for under $10 for the family. This life skill is important for developing budgeting and healthy living skills. She will be constrained by her budget and challenged to find recipes that she enjoys that is also healthy. Hopefully when it is time to 'fledge the nest' she will be armed with the knowledge of healthy living on a budget.

She learned to properly chop vegetables that are round and how to hold the knife. She is using one of the surprise onions from my garden and one of my garlic heads.

These were good enough to make the regular round of our personal favorites. Now that we know darling daughter can make this herself, we just have to put it on the chore list:)

The first of many recipe cards to come for her own personal recipe box. Maybe she can make her own recipe box this summer, keep her busy;)

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