Monday, June 21, 2010

36 Garlic heads, and 4 onions apparently

Last year I planted about 10 onion seeds before I heard about how impossible they are to grow from seed. They sent up spindly shoots then died back. Oh well, lesson learned, I can't grow onions like I was told. Well, lets put garlic in that bed. Garlic grew great! I had a few garlic that seemed to grow above ground.... oh no! That can't be good. Sunlight will ruin garlic after a while. I guess I will have to toss it. I harvested the garlic and set them to dry.

You can see that renegade garlic on the far right. Too bad it grew above ground, look how BIG it is! I snipped off the tops and the roots on the bottom after drying them for four weeks. A little sniff test to see how this bad garlic smelled. REALLY!?? This is an ONION. Now that it's trim, sure it looks like an onion but in with the other garlics, it really looked like a garlic. I was raised in Los Angeles not Kansas.

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