Friday, July 16, 2010

Asian Secrets and Baby's Back!

Often when I see South Americans or Asians on TV, I wonder, 'Whoa! Look at them sweat!! Sure glad I don't live there!!'How do they cope with the heat?'. One way is through food. Cultures that live along the equator use more spices and as one friend from India explained to me, 'It helps you sweat and keep cool'. I never thought of sweating as being a good thing until then. It IS a mechanism for the body to evacuate heat from the body and as the sweat evaporates, cools the surface of the skin. Another way other cultures keep cool is through creative drinks, on ice. One recipe I learned from an interesting Indian woman named Roshan was Watermelon Juice. This was very easy, especially if you have a seedless watermelon. Just blend the watermelon pulp in a food processor and add rose water and sugar to taste. Chill and serve over ice. It's delicious and you can feel your body cool down a few degrees.

One glass for me to take to work and another for everybody else. In Texas, we don't sweat as much as other cultures because we hide in buildings with turbo air conditioning. We admire the sunlight through windows. But don't worry, we surface again in October.

Today I drove 45 miles to pick up a teenager that needed a good home, actually, darling daughter. She went to summer camp with the Girl Scouts. It's her 6th year going to this same camp and she looks foreward to it every year. I like that she earns cookie credits for this camp so when she is selling Girl Scout cookies, she's earning her own way.

When we arrived home, she plopped her stuff just inside the door and went straight to her room to take a nap. Apparently, she stayed up most of the night with her new best friends. After she had risen, she went on to sing ALL the new camp songs she learned. Including one titled, 'I went crazy singing this song'. There's a good reason why it was named that. Then, she described this mysterious incident that happened in the middle of the night where her arm started stinging and swelled up and turned red, waking her up. A trip to the nurse and a dose of benadryl squashed that immune reaction. Hives?

Notice the hollywood sunglasses juxtaposed next to the Converse sneakers. Ahh.... Things are back to chaotic normal:)

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