Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rescuing pictures off my camera's card

I take a lot of pictures. I think everyone with a disposable camera takes many more pictures than those with a 35mm camera. I guess since you can delete at will and instantly see your pictures, it can get out of hand. Not a nuance of daily living will go unphotographed. Darling daughter had another Bachelorette Night where she cooked Chicken Parmesan Alfredo. It has only a few ingredients and she loves the bland taste of this recipe. There is only chicken, parmesan, half and half, salt and pepper over fettucini. Her apron is from a craft project when she was around 6 years old. Still fits, sort of.

It turned out pretty good and was easy to teach, a winner for sure.
She puts the finishing touches on her recipe box and now has two recipes in it.

Sometime back I harvested the soybeans. I used the same soybeans as last year, Black Jet, to see if it made a difference whether you planted it in the fall or spring. I had a better yield but still dissapointed in the amount of soybeans for the area it took up in my garden. It took up an 8x4 raised bed for a few months and yielded only about 6 servings of soybeans. Not very efficient so I will not be doing this one in the future. I will say though that this is a low maintenance plant so if you have a lot of space, this may well suit your garden.

We also visited the Elisabet Ney museum here in North Austin. She was quite a talented sculptor who lived a very interesting life. They didn't allow us to take pictures inside so these are the only two pictures I have. The building is beautifully preserved and you can learn more about her here.

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