Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Knitters Salve

Knitters Salve now in Craftiness.Etsy shop! Dave has so many yarnies that follow his shop, I thought it best to list Knitters Salve in his shop. This improved formula is less greasy but more emollient than the older formula. The cocoa butter, jojoba and sweet almond oil combination is heavenly on the skin. It is lightly scented with Orange and Patchouli essential oil so along witht the cocoa butter, gives off a nice scent of orange chocolates, so yummy! I loooove butters and salves. My skin suffers a lot of abuse from natural dryness combined with having to wash hands often, gardening, knitting and cleaning. Peace, love, knit. Enjoy!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Teen Style Urban Homesteading

Darling Daughter and I went to an amazing Teen Conference organized by the Girl Scouts. The keynote speaker was Olga Campos, a local TV anchor woman. She gave a really good speech about how the world is at their feet and it is up to them to make the most of it. I knew DD was listening when she shot me an "I told you so" glance when Mrs. Campos said, "And your parents can only do so much, it's up to you to do the rest". We were lucky to experience Bollywood Dancing from Bollywood Shake and Capoeira from Capoeira Evolucao.

While she was smoozing with her dear GS friends, mama was at the
Book Woman table perusing all the great reads geared toward teens and college bound girls. I came across this FABULOUS cookbook. I had to have it for DD. The recipes were easy and the first part of the book goes over what you should have in your college apartment kitchen. This type of cooking is too sophisticated for on-campus dorms but perfect for those private dorm suites where 6 people share a kitchen. The recipes are easy and DD is motivated to cook some of the recipes for the family. Hmmm..... another chore I can delegate.. I lOVE teen girls:p

Tonight she made a pear and chocolate dessert and chicken and rice. Both so incredibly easy, it's really cheater cooking, perfect for college students and a high school girl practicing before college. She calculated about $2 per serving. Even though she is using processed ingredients, it is more nutritionally dense than fast food. It's also less than half the cost. A winner. So, how does this relate to homesteading? The only link I can make is that 1) She is learning to cook, sort of and 2) She is learning to be independant of cafeterias and fast food.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Knitting Podcast Craftiness

I found a new podcast I like, It's actually a video podcast. Two knitters shoot the breeze about mostly knitting while introducing you to their FO's, UFO's etc. You can follow them on Ravelry and Facebook too if you are stalker-inclined like me! Oh yeah, the name....The Knit Girllls, with 3 L's. Apparently L's are cheap. Maybe it's because their names start with L, Lara and Leslie, hmmm....If you know, leave a comment. I wonder if they know about Dave's famous Knit N Spins and that he's the Nosteppine King on Etsy. Speaking of Dave's famous Knit N Spins, their was a celebrity sighting recently. On my last blog post, a fan left a comment. Dave's Knit N Spin was seen at a LILY CHIN'S CROCHET CLASS!!! This may be a stretch for non-yarnies but Lily Chin is famous in my world, up there with Vickie Howell Stephanie Pearl McPhee for goodness sakes.

On my needles? This little smart pearl. A triangular shawl whose pattern and yarn I purchased at Hill Country Weaver in South Austin.

The yarn is Brooklyn Tweeds 100% American Wool variety. The name of the yarn is Shelter and it's an artisanal, woolen-spun yarn made from the fiber of Targhee-Columbia sheep grown in the American West. The yarn is spun in the historic mill town of Harrisville, NH. Sounds all American to me!

Leave a comment on what you are working on and link back to a picture of it. You can follow me on Ravelry, my Ravatar is Craftina. Knit on my friends!