Saturday, March 26, 2011

Putting By Kale

Kale is apparently really easy to grow. I was first introduced to Kale when I subscribed to Farmhouse Delivery while my vege garden was still young and I really didn't know anything about gardening. Since then, I have learned a few things, just a few, so much yet to learn! I like growning veges and fruit that do well in our area, I don't like to baby plants. Since my cooking repetoir is limited when it comes to veges and grains, I use AllRecipes.Com to fill the gaps. I figure, if it grows well here, grow it, learn how to cook with it later. If you can't find a recipe that your family likes, either cover it with sausage and cheese or hide it in an omelet that is covered with cheese, they will never know;P Any vege can taste really good with the right recipe. So, what to do with all this Kale? Actually I have been harvesting it a little at a time through the Winter, cutting only what I needed and sharing with others. Now that the weather is warm, I need to harvest en masse and 'Put By'. I use this old, very comprehensive book called Putting Food By . I Cut and cleaned the Kale, blanched in boiling water for 3 minutes, cooled in a bowl of water and drained. I then spread on a baking sheet and froze it for 2 days. After freezing, I crumbled it and placed in freezer bags. If you go to the extra step of freezing your veges on a cookie sheet BEFORE placing in your freezer bags or jars, you can then just "shake out" what you need for recipes instead of freezing several single serving sizes. It saves times and resources to do it this way. For some of the Kale I placed in a dehydrator and crumbled the dried Kale. I placed in a mason jar to use as seasoning for soups and stews. It has a slight brocoli taste but when dehydrated, is pungent like an herb. For fresh Kale, I sautee a little onions in bacon grease, add garlic and Kale, at the end add a splash of balsamic vinegar or toasted sesame oil, YUM!!! Leave a comment please if you have a Kale recipe to share. I really want to expand my cooking repetoir on this easy-to-grow vege! Thanks in advance:)

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