Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Borscht or Beet Soup. Really good, no, really!!

I absolutely LOVE Working Class Foodies!! This recipe I decided to try because I had just harvested a few beets from my garden and I ended up with a few from somebody who had extra organic beets they didn't know what to do with. David 'tolerated' it, he claims he likes veges but truth be told, only raw veges in a salad that he can cover with ranch dressing. I have a secret mission to sneak veges in his food without him knowing.
The ingredient list for this soup is short so it is easy to try. I really like this recipe because it can be hard to find a beet recipe that doesn't have a super earthy taste to it. This soup has a vert mild earthy taste and really shows the sweetness and flavor of beets without the 'dirt' factor. Beets are a SUPER FOOD, well worth experimenting with. Give it a try, for your health and your palate!

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