Monday, April 25, 2011

Funky Chicken Coop Tour

The Girls, the gardens, the coops, the unexpected.........

One of the nice things about living in Austin is the wierdness factor. Even the mascot to this free, annual event is a chicken with an afro. I am so glad I didn't miss it this year, I was sure to ask for it off this time. I met many interesting bird wranglers and learned a lot about how they sustain their flocks. One of them even started raising dairy goats! I didn't know you could have goats in the city limits, nice to know;P

I noticed some common themes. First, all of the coops were made mostly of found or recycled objects including playhouses, bicycle parts, lumber from demolitions, milk crates, gym baskets etc. Second, the birds were soooo quiet. I heard that chickens were really quiet but I didn't expect silence. Third, the chicken wranglers were also vege gardeners.

One coopster made a nursery under a ping pong table to raise baby hens until they were big enough to join the ladies. Another creative wierdo planted a succulent garden on top of their coop which looked more like a fancy planter than a chicken coop. There was even a hollowed out TV attached to the side of a coop used as a nesting box. It's like watching chicken TV. Very inventive. Thanks Austinites for another fabulously wierd day!

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