Monday, May 30, 2011

Garlic Scapes!

I noticed last week while doing a walk-thru in the garden these garlic stems with unopened flower heads on them. They formed a U-shape,it could only be one thing, Garlic Scapes! These little flower heads will bloom into a beautiful flower just like onions but then you will get a smaller garlic bulb. The flower will steal all the energy for flower and seed production. If you cut them off then you will get a bigger bulb. DO NOT THROW THESE AWAY! You can use them in cooking such as sauteing them with veges in olive oil, toss with potatoes and bake etc. I am going to try a recipe I learned on one of my favorite podcasts, Earth Eats from Indiana University in Bloomington. Check out these two scape recipes from their website. I am going to make the garlic salt.

Garlic is super easy to grow and doesn't have any pests that I can see. After drying them out for a month they are good for almost a year as long as you store them in a dark place that gets air. I put them in a paper bag left open in the food pantry and they did fine. I think I will punch holes in the bag this time and close the top. The NY Times has an article on heart and anti-cancer benefits of garlic. For the Wiki on Garlic, click here.

Buon Apetit!

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