Saturday, May 21, 2011

No Rapture? I went to Renegade!

I heard the rapture was coming on May 21st from a good source, I guess. Who was he? Anyways, I was confused. Surely God wouldn't let us schedule THE Renegade Craft Fair during, or worse, AFTER the rapture....that would be silly.....unless indie crafters and fans weren't a part of the initial procession. Hmmm......I might need to look into that possibility. There was a brief moment when I thought the rapture actually happened. A mother was pushing a stroller without a baby. I gasped! 'Does she know her baby has ascended toward the pearly gates without her?' Then I wondered what kind of woman could she be? God chooses her baby but not her. Ohhh, the harlot! Then I realized I was in her same shoes:P I need to re-think that one. Anyways, I eventually came to my senses and proceeded to have a really good time:)

This Apron is from one of my all-time faves! This is from Craft Chi, an indie designer right here in Austin. She designs her own screen prints, print on fabric then hand sews all of her creations. It is one of my lifes goals to collect her wares for my home. all of her fabric is on linen, my favorite fabric. I guess that's another reason why I am smitten with her creations.
One of my friends and I stopped by Katinka Pinka's booth. Ohh, what a Lace-a-palooza it was! She has such a nostalgic, artful eye. Her booth reminds me of Steam Punk meets pink and lace. I couldn't stop oogling her wares, especially her earrings.

Sublime Stitching was there again this year. Yippee!! I was very good though, I promise;) I didn't buy anymore patterns due to the fact that I have about a third of her patterns already. I really needed embroidery media and they had plenty of that. I chose a set of tea towels and a Renegade Owl Tote Bag to stitch up.

Twinkie Chan was a new craftster to me. I have never heard of her yet, I feel like I have met her before. She is a crochet culinary goddess** She sells her crocheted items as well as her book of crochet patterns, that's what I REALLY fell for. I can't wait to start on her creations. I need to wait to finish my top secret knitting gift first though.

I also picked up a beautiful journal from 'Millions of people happy'. She hand sews the covers and binds them by hand. This particular book laid flat due to the time of stiching/binding she did. The details are truly beautiful. I am a big fan of handmade journals. The bindings they choose are usually historical. These artist work hard in preserving the ancient art of book binding.

The last acquisition was from a couple of re-cyclers, 'ReUseFirst'. They make crafts from found items, mostly paper. This book will come in handy for jotting down notes, from work, when I am having a particularly challenging day........

Craft on my friends..........


Sharona R - שרונה ראובני said...

I missed the rapture and all I got is this handmade t-shirt, sorta thing?

Julie said...

Very witty. Twinkie Chan looked like a little huggable cupcake!