Friday, June 17, 2011

Garden Update:)

My 3 Poona Kheera cucumber vines are producing slowly, a result of heavy pill bug damage early on. They survived this long but a little puny. Once the fruit started growing in a distorted shape and the leaves started wilting, I buried part of the vine in soil to grow new roots to make up for the bug damage. I didn't see any signs of Squash Vine Borer moth damage but that could still be the case. The vines perked up but if they have squash vine borer infestestion, it will be a short harvest season for them. The normally start producing in 60 days. Cream/light green fruits; very delicious flesh: crisp, juicy, sweet and mild; Fruit shaped like a potato, with skin turning brown as they ripen. One of our best varieties for disease resistance, and very hardy. Vines produce early and with very heavy yields. A wonderful heirloom from India.

The Purple Poded Pole Bean, try saying that 5 times fast! This delicious heirloom was discovered in the Ozark mountains by Henry Fields in the 1930's and is still requested by many "Old Timers" of this region. The pods are bright-purple, stringless, and tender. Plants grow to 6' and produce heavy yields, well that's what they claim. They don't like their spoiled life style in raised beds with drip irragation and compost side dressing. They are not very prolific as of yet, crossing my fingers.

Jing Okra. NEW! 60 days Lovely pods are a deep reddish orange and are quite colorful. This Asian variety produces lots of flavorful 6” pods early, even in dry conditions. An exciting new variety that is unique and beautiful.
Orange cherry tomatoes are very prolific:) I am very pleased. They are great in salads until the Black Krem and Brandywine come in.
The watermelons are popping up. This is a first for me so I am very excited! I don't know which variety this is though:( I planted a total of three.

I made watermelon pickles! Not from my watermelons. That was fun:) I didn't know the rind was edible but aparently it is. Most of the work was cutting the skin off the rind. The rest was fast and easy. They only require a 10 minute water bath and are brined in vinegar, salt and sugar. Lemon, cloves and cinnamon were added to the syrup for flavor. Very interesting mix of flavors...

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