Monday, August 29, 2011


Congratulation BlessedNJoyful on winning the dymondwood Nostepinne!

Carpe Yarnum!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Knit Girllls Give-Away!!

You may earn a chance to win Dave's nosteppine on The Knit Girllls podcast:) Laura and Leslie gave a wonderful shout-out to Dave's Nosteppine and we heart them very much** Just leave a comment on TKG's Ravelry group page for a chance to win!!

If you aren't a member of Ravelry and you knit, crochet or spin, then shame on you! Being on Ravelry is life-transforming experience;P When you are a member, you get a home-page where you may show your works, both finished and in-progress, cross reference the pattern or yarn you are working on with one-click, and see how the pattern is being worked on by other ravelers. You also get some insight into patterns before you ever cast on. You can find free patterns and patterns for purchase, yarn, knitting accessories etc. If you listen to crafting podcasts or love your favorite LYS (Local Yarn Store), you can follow their happenings too. I know Gauge Knits, by my house, announces new shipments of yarn, craft night, sales etc on their page. Ravelry has more features than I use so I am not the best advocate for them, just check it out yourself at

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Warda's Algerian Soup

I wanted to share this recipe that I cooked last night, absolutely delicious! I got this recipe from another blogger, Warda of 64 Square Foot Kitchen. She grew up in Algeria and her creations are both traditional and reinventions of that area'a cuisine. Everything that I have made from her blog has been delicious! The recipes are not complicated, the ingredients easy to find and the food full of flavor but not hot. I have picky eaters and her recipes have been very handy:) I used her recipe but exchanged spinach for the peas and asparagus. I would have preferred her version over mine but, picky eaters;P I added the spinach to the onions and cooked them down before adding liquid. I used an emersion blender but if I had more time a food processer would have worked better. We ate this with buttermilk biscuits but any bread would have been just fine. Trying foods from around the world gives a fresh perspective on cuisine, matching new ingredients for a unique dish that you normally wouldn't try. Try this one, you will probably like it! Did I mention, it was really easy?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Craftiness Update**

I am going to cast on for the shawl 'My Wish' by Laura Linneman:) This will only be my second attempt at a shawl, my first is still a work in progress. The first pic is Lemonhalf's shawl with the cream edging and the second is Laura Linneman's with Tempted's two colorways. This shawl pattern is available for purchase here and is a fundraiser for the Make A Wish foundation. Laura of The Knit Girllls designed the shawl and offers the pattern to support this fabulous foundation and the crafty team, Cupcake Mafia I am going to knit this out of Madeline Tosh fingering weight in the Ruby Slippers and Composition Book colorways. I 'acquired' these pearls from Gauge Knit in Austin, Thanks Karli for your help! I did finish a baby blanket a month ago but forgot to take a picture of it :P It was a basket weave pattern with Lion Brands Vanna Choice. I liked the neutral blue color and the durable acrylic it is made of. It doesn't feel like acrylic when you knit with it.

Dave made me a custom barometer/hydrometer for my birthday:) It is made of Cocobolo and is double sided. The weather in Texas can change in a heartbeat and I thought it would be fun to watch the meters go nuts!

Dave also made me a beautiful bowl which he put little wooden apples in it made by Boyd Wright. Boyd taught Dave how to make kaleidoscopes:) Thanks Boyd! He made these gems out of dymondwood which is an art in itself. The dymondwood blanks are dyed wood, usually Birch, sliced thin, glued together so that woodworkers, especially wood turners, can make beautiful art!

Dave is starting to get interested in Intarsia, which is interesting since this is a knitting consept also. He made this dolphin for darling daughter which she ADORES! She was so motivated by this that she started to learn Intarsia herself using the scroll saw!

Craft on Y'all!