Sunday, October 23, 2011


FO's are 'Finished objects' in case you aren't up to date with crafting lingo. To differentiate between these and UFO's, FO's happen on purpose, with crafting materials.  UFO's happen by accident, when running out of alien space craft fuel over Roswell, New Mexico;P  I know, you weren't expecting that, were you?
 The first FO is The Hitch Hiker by Martina Behm from Germany.  This is a pretty popular pattern on Ravelry and on many Knitting Podcasts.  It's as if everybody else is doing it so I have to do it too! Right? Where have I heard THIS before?  I guess we really never grow up.
 The next project finished actually only took me a few days to knit it.  I could actually do it in one day if I had about 6 hours to knit.  This was part of Vickie Howell's KAL (Knit A Long) from the previous post.  I LOVE this pattern.  It's easy but not boring, same as the Hitch Hiker actually, works up fast and is super soft.  It's also quite stylish, kind of like making a fashion statement using neck wear.  I had 3 silver type buttons from one of my fun button jars but kinda had a plain fourth one so I glued a Wyoming Quarter to it with a cowboy on it.  I like improvising.  It challenges my imagination....
David finishes things all of the time.  He is extremely prolific.  Here he has a beautiful Amherst Pheasant Feather Sierra pen made of chrome.  I really like the unusual media he uses.  The feather pens always turn out amazing!  He also has a clock fetish with these little clock faces.  This one is made of tulip wood which has a warm, almost coral like color.  Each piece of tulip wood is very unique as evidenced by these three pieces of tulip wood he used.

Other than his Etsy Craftiness Store, you can find David's functional art at Austin's Lyric Opera showing of The Magic Flute or at Christmas At The Caswells.

Craft On!

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