Friday, September 23, 2011

Sierra Club Trip; Ansel Adams Wilderness, Sept 2011


7 Days, 40 Miles, 10,700 feet*

Limerick by our fearless Co-Leader, Christine**

There once was a backpacking group
Thirteen men and women, the troop
Signed up, one and all
Joy of Being, the call
An Ansel Adams Wilderness loop

Clover Meadow is where they did meet
Set up camp, had a meal and a greet
The tarp went up quick
The hail mighty thick
A foreshadowing start to the week

Day two, we drove over rough road
To start Isberg trail with our load
We hiked through some rain
Did I mention, the rain?
Cora Lakes: Destination Wet Mode

That night, Gene and Alex went out
T’was dark, so was quite a long route
And Stan found a view
From a knoll above, true
We could see, for some moments, to tout

Lake Isberg, the journey next day
A stunning display, I must say
My goodness sake
An infinity lake

But windy as hell, and skies gray
A glorious day sure did follow
Two passes, descriptors ring hollow
Spectacular, they
Breaths taken away
Minor troubles seem so very shallow

Pleased we all were to see Packer Chick
Horse and Mule too - it was quite a kick
The bear cans you see
They are right by a tree
“You can’t miss them” was like a bad trick

While the Great Bear Can Hunt seemed to fail
Not the rain, thunder, lightning or hail
Morale remained high
Not a whimper or sigh
No rumblings of those seeking to bail

By now, we were pros on the fly
Give us rain, hail, wind or clear sky
Rain gear went on fast
The tarp tied to last
Say we: Only wimps must stay dry!

The Reedy Lake, t’was nothing there
Of bear cans, it was very bare
Pophry, too
Nary a clue
“It’s a ways down” was Lord knows where
To Ron and to Tina: Thank you
And to Stan and to Tim: What a crew
The cans, they were found
As told, by the ground
Just five lakes down, who could have knew??!!

So, hunger, wasn’t to be our fate
Our lunch on layover day was great
Igor led folks to
A waterfall view
Then once again t’was a hailing tarp date!

With morale amazingly gay
We continued on our merry way
To the Lakes, Flat
And Lady, after that
Enjoying scenery more lovely each stay

One morning we lost Tina briefly
But Tom, true to form, remained Chiefly
In the dark, gone to pee
Her way back, couldn’t see
She did good and made breakfast. Relieved, we!

Thanks to Ann, Mary Ann and to Stephen
You tempers were wonderfully even
And Stephen helped first
When leftovers were worst
That’s less weight, that re-quired heavin’!

Hike and meals have been social and fun
Deb and Stan bestowed gifts to every one
We’re each a new friend
So, Happy Trails without end!
May your future hikes have lots of sun!!!!

Thanks to my new friends! Stan, Deb, Stephen, Mary Ann, Igor, Alex, Gene, Tim, Tom, Christine, Ann, Ron:)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Charity Crafting

This is from The Stitch Lab:


The devastation of the Central Texas wildfires has left many area friends, families and their pets homeless. We all want to help those who have lost everything, but how?

Quilter Heather Grant and the Modern Day Quilters snapped right into action with a quilt drive. Their goal is to give a quilt to provide comfort and warmth to every child who has lost their home in the fires. They are encouraging twin bed size quilts, but any quilts 45"X60" and over are being accepted. You can ship quilts to:

Valli & Kim Quilt Shop, Attn: Wildfire Quilts

700 West Highway 290, Dripping Springs, TX 78620

If you live closer in to Austin, you can bring them to us at the Stitch Lab and Heather will happy to pick them up.
Stay tuned for more opportunities to help out.

If you're like me and don't have the immediate time to make a quilt from start to finish alone, consider working on one as a group or donating fabrics from your stash for others to pick up and work with. The Stitch Lab will keep a free fabric bin dedicated to wildfire relief quilts on our front porch. You can donate or pick up fabrics at your convenience.

You can also help in many other ways: Austin Humane Society (currently housing many Bastrop pets), and here is a comprehensive list from the Austin American Statesman

Reusable Lunch Bag

I recently acquired new craft supplies in the form of yarn and fabric. I found some beautiful fabric, including laminated fabric (similar to oil cloth but thinner), from The Stitch Lab on So. Congress. I made darling daughter a re-usable lunchbag, lined with the laminated fabric and closable with a velcro tab. If you look closely, the fabric got caught in my feed dogs on the lower right. It's a reusable lunchbag, I am not worried enough about it to rip it out and risk tearing this fabric. Apparently there are tricks to sewing with laminated fabric and oil cloth that I am unaware of. There is a book out there that has some reportedly great techniques for sewing with this type of fabric. The author's bio is quite interesting:

Kelly McCants is the go-to girl for working with oilcloth. Known online as both Oilcloth Addict and Modern June, Kelly stays busy running her blogs and operating her online stores where she sells handmade housewares, accessories and oilcloth yardage.
Kelly has been sewing and making patterns since she was a teenager. After a career in costuming for films and theater, Kelly opened up Modern June in 2005. Kelly put her BFA in costuming to work by redesigning her favorite vintage aprons for the modern woman. Kelly quickly discovered oilcloth and created a line of housewares and accessories with the slick stuff. Kelly and her Junies make the handmade housewares for Modern June in Richmond, VA.  Kelly McCants, believes that there is still a bit of a 1950's housewife in all of us, even if we have left the days of June Cleaver behind--we all want a comfy place to call home. After all, our homes are where we make our memories, and it's where life's celebrations begin. Her Modern June goodies, Oilcloth Addict tutorials, and her new book "Sewing with Oilcloth," are all meant to help you create a bright and happy home that's easy to care for. Oilcloth, laminated cotton and chalk cloth items are her specialty, but helping you to make special memories is her goal.

If you have experience with this type of sewing, leave a comment. I would love to hear your experience, good and bad. I hope to conquer this fabric as it is beautiful and so practical.

Now, off to my next adventure! Pictures to follow, in about two weeks;P

Craft On!