Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Erin's Beet and Kale Salad

I was invited over for lunch recently by a new friend not knowing what I was in for. She asked me what I liked to eat and not being a picky eater said "Everything!". I didn't feel the need to offer "Everything but tripe", I think that is an unspoken understanding by all, no offense to Tripe lovers, I have not met one yet. Erin apparently has been a cook for a few local, popular restaurants and I didn't know she could really cook. Lucky me! We had cucumber soup and this Kale and Beet salad.

Kale, washed, catapillars removed, chopped in bite-sized pieces
Beets, washed
Olive Oil
Fresh Lemon Juice
S & P
Choice of Nuts, I used toasted almond slices
Avocado, Sliced

Boil beets in water until fork tender, peel, chopped or slice into matchsticks. Massage chopped Kale with olive oil vigorously. You will feel slight crunching in your fingers as the Kale is bruised and the olive oil is absorbed. Add beets, lemon juice, S&P, nuts and toss. Plate out and add Avocado slices on top. Excuse the lack of amounts, everything is to taste and well, it's a salad. YOU CAN DO IT! Thank you to Cesar and Erin for having me over and feeding me this savory, fresh, organic lunch! I also truly value your friendship and hospitality:) Namaste!

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