Monday, November 12, 2012

E.A.S.T. (East Austin Studio Tour)

Darling daughter and I had a spontaneous opportunity to visit East Austin for E.A.S.T. which stands for East Austin Studio Tour, pretty catchy.  The tour is in its eleventh year and showcases artists in their studios.  We only went to two venues out of hundreds and had a lot of fun.  The first venue off of Shady Lane had 8 studios total in one warehouse.  The WPA (Womens Printmakers of Austin) had a demonstration of Monotype printing with water based inks.  The process was interesting and really easy.  Thanks Jo for the demo!
Applying the inks on an acrylic sheet with a brayer.  Stamping the areas to remove some ink in patterns.
Placing different
media on top of the
ink and covering
with paper.  Running it through
a press.
The final product.

We also watched a laser cutter in action.  This one was making business cards out of chipboard.  The artists at rent out studio space for their laser cutter and offer classes.  I took a business card for Darling Husband, he mentioned wanting to use a laser cutter for his pens.
Another great day in a weird city.....

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