Monday, November 12, 2012

Par le vous crêpes?

 I like to think of myself as a 'Foodie'.  Someone who has an innate curiosity as to why people prepare food the way they do.  Almost always, it is the same food prep as can be found in many geographical areas but with difference in ingredients.  Starch + Protein + Spice etc....   The Crepe is a little different.  I first had the wonderful experience of Crepe couture in Paris, with a street vendor.  I witnessed these small crepe 'factories' whereby locals lined up to get their midday meal.  I queue'd up with the locals, trying hard to memorize the few French phrases I thought would get me through this ordeal, paying close attention to the patrons in front of me.  After it was all over, the phrases that got me through this adventure along with  many sympathic facial gestures that let me know, 'Nice Try'!  Anywho,  a good friend I met in Mannheim, Germany taught me how to make crepes.  I was eternally grateful for this impromptu lesson.  I was able to pass on this knowledge to DD who embraces any excuse to slather Nutella on anything, including cardboard, paper, etc...

I shopped for a Crepe pan and found one at Crate And Barrel. It was their only  one. They didn't however have any Crepe products except a beautifully packaged dry crepe batter packaged by a famous food tv persona.  I knew better thanks to my connection in Germany;)  I had darling husband make me this crepe spreader out of material he already had.
Then, daring daughter setup for our crepe extravaganza.  We creacked open 6 eggs, whisked in flour, only enough to make a batter the consistency of a weak cake batter, added 2 T of butter and enough water to make a watery batter.  Then ladled a cup full of battter on our pan, spread with Dave's spreader and made delightfully thin, French pancakes, ready to fill with particular ingredients.

The Parisian Foodie Crepeire:)
 J'aime les cepes!
If you can not find the crepe spreader anywhere, such as my experience, Dave said he is willing to make them on request.  so convo him at  He is in denial as to the value of this little tool;P

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